A.D. Metal Artisanal Inc is a family business that has been working in the field of general welding, and wrought metals for nearly 35 years.

To meet the growing demand, we have a young and dynamic team and the tools required for all your projects and to meet new challenges.

In 2021, A.D. Métal Artisanal Inc launched into aluminum rowboats, wishing to offer a product not widely available on the current market that would be reliable, durable and offer excellent value for money.

As fishing enthusiasts, the goal of A.D. Métal Artisanal Inc is to provide you with unique experiences on the water by offering you light boats and trailers.

Our mission


  • Aluminum 0.125 in. (1/8 in.) ultralight;
  • Easy to repair by a welder in case of damage;
  • Light and it will always have the same weight, a fiberglass boat cannot guarantee this point;
  • Made in Quebec;
  • Easy to clean with the absence of spacers to solidify the riveted boats;
  • Hull welds guaranteed for life;
Models available